TeejLab and University of Northern British Columbia create Center of Excellence on Data Privacy, Security, and Integrity

TeejLab Inc. and the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) have created a Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Data Privacy & Security that provides thought leadership, best practices, research training in the area of Data Privacy and Security. This will be a unique opportunity for TeejLab and UNBC not only to promote their mutual interest in close industry-academia collaboration, but it will also provide economical opportunities in BC and Western Canada.

Together they are launching the Centre with the mission of enhancing collaboration opportunities for the research community at UNBC and beyond. In particular, researchers at TeejLab and UNBC will have the opportunity to work together and solve data privacy and security challenges while conducting applied research in the areas of Natural Language Processing, Data Mining and Machine Learning, with the goal to build commercial solutions that allow enterprises to create various data-driven software and services in a more secure and compliant way. As enterprises adopt various technologies to monetize their data, the value of data privacy and security solutions will become more important for their financial growth. Since TeejLab is at the forefront of applying these research and technological solutions to solve the data privacy and security challenges, we believe that Centre will facilitate new collaborations with the UNBC research community and create job opportunities for the students at UNBC and beyond.

The TeejLab-UNBC CoE team will consist of award-winning computer scientists, innovators, Ph.D. and MSc. degree students advised by software industry veterans and faculty members from premier institutes and universities in the US and Canada. TeejLab will continue to have strong research collaborations with UNBC through internship and co-op programs.

Initial steps toward building the Centre will be to create a virtual community that will provide a platform to build technologies and disseminate knowledge through research articles and blogs. This will help the Center in speeding up the process of innovating technologies that have enterprise-grade support as well as for the Open Source communities for faster adoption and industry standardization. Visit TeejLab-UNBC CoE for more details:  <https://www.unbc.ca/research/centre-excellence-data-privacy-security-and-integrity>

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