Discover & Benchmark APIs

Discovery of hidden APIs interacting with organizations’ critical infrastructure and assets pose major business risks, unless organizations put automation in place to find and benchmark hidden APIs to manage their risks.

Discover & Benchmark APIs

API Economy is here to stay as APIs have become an integral part of modern software applications, especially in the Cloud. You are already hearing how AI/ML is reshaping various businesses that impact our day-to-day life and how IoT is playing a key role in automation, control, and smart living. The other trend that you should observe is No-Code Age, which is taking much deeper root through a multitude of APIs that are enabling the development of new innovations at a much faster rate. At the same time, these developments are significantly impacting organizations’ security posture as APIs become big part of organizations’ security posture.

Explore and discover innovative APIs to create new products and services while reaching out to a wider consumer base or for monetizing your digital assets in a better way.

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Discover and benchmark APIs to build innovative products and services.

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