Modern enterprises thrive in the context of the industries they compete in. Our platform allows to find innovative APIs that can help your business run better with intelligent solutions . API Discovery™ lists hundreds of solutions from various sectors.

Software & Services

Companies provide technical software solutions to establish long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships through technology driven services. These solutions include APIs that support software development, bug tracking, virus scans, data storage and manipulation, market places, and many more.

Consumer Products & Services

Consumer products and services refer to manufactured goods and services dealing with apparel, food, furniture, toys, appliances and many more. There are APIs for products and services, retail and distribution channels.

Energy & Natural Resources

Energy and natural sources include oil, natural gas, fossil and alternative fuels, uranium, and renewable resources. APIs provide information on these energy resources, their distribution, safety requirements and many more other attributes.

Discrete Industries

These industries include Aerospace, Defense, Automotive and other discrete product manufacturing companies such as smartphones and toys. APIs provide a wealth of information on materials, equipment, safety, packaging, logistic operations and many more.

Financial Services

These services including banking, insurance, stocks markets and other related activities such as crypto-currencies, wealth management, mutual funds, etc. APIs provide a wealth of information on financial institutions and their services.

Public Services

These services include education, research, healthcare, law enforcement and other related areas. Many city and state governments, public institutions provide APIs that give valuable information on civil amenities, parking, constructions, weather and much more.