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Open Source and API Security

Open Source Software and Web APIs have become an important part of our digital world. Many Open Source projects provide various business and technical functionalities through APIs. These APIs are usually publicly available through the Web, have added another dimension to cyber security. Besides their obvious benefits of transparency and openness, Open Source solutions face […]

At TeejLab Research we are collecting meta-data from thousands of APIs to better understand their security and legal compliance challenges. Currently, we have more than 20,000 APIs developed by more than 15,000 different vendors belonging to 50 different categories. We have also investigated thousands of Open Source projects to understand the growth of various APIs. […]

In the beginning (early 70s and 80s) APIs were primarily restricted to the technical domain, where developers would use them to access and/or extend application functionality using low level programmatic libraries. With the advent of the Internet, organizations started realizing the actual business value of APIs through enhanced product functionalities. The exponential growth of mobile, […]

Security and reliability of software systems and web-driven software services such as Application Programming Interface or simply API are enormously important to our modern economy. APIs in particular are playing an important role in connecting our digital worlds at a massive scale. On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way we live, […]

Our enterprise and personal worlds are proliferated with many innovative mobile/cloud/social applications that touch all aspects of our lives, be it in retail, banking, logistics, shopping, media and others. These technological innovations may not have been possible without the availability of vast amounts of data generated by enterprises as well as individuals in their daily […]

TeejLab Inc. and the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) have created a Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Data Privacy & Security that provides thought leadership, best practices, research training in the area of Data Privacy and Security. This will be a unique opportunity for TeejLab and UNBC not only to promote their mutual interest in […]